26 hours later – Porto Tuesday 21 June

We have been so fortunate in so many ways this trip. We got on both legs to Madrid no problem.  Bought plane  tickets from Madrid to Porto while eating lunch in NYC on an airline we had not used before today. After a small blip in Barajas Airport we got boarding passes printed but had to check our packs. Camino Forum thanks for the IKEA bag hack.  We then made our way to find some adequate breakfast. Believe it or not right across from our gate we found  exactly what we were looking for – traditional Spanish breakfast.   

Got to Porto and the transport was waiting and looking for us. Jose is a nice guy full of places to go and see. And a very sedate driver as well. Jose had walked 4 days to Fatima and was impressed we “would go walking that far.”  

The hubs had been looking for a place to stay in Porto. Everything was sold out or crazy expensive But again, The Camino provides. I found the name of this little spot on the forum. We looked it up and there was one room left. It has AC. Done!  It is beyond our best dreams. Hugo, the owner, met us here and after 30/40 minutes of map time and tour of our flat he left us. I kept wondering who we were sharing it with. No one!  Our terrace is the river walk! 

It seems we unknowingly booked our Camino start a couple of days before one of the biggest single day celebrations in Portugal. 4 platforms of fireworks will be shot off from the river at midnight Thursday. The decorating has already begun with brightly colored banners being strung up. Grills are being brought out of bars, tables washed off, chairs stacked – all in anticipation of Thursday. What another wonderful surprise we’re being treated to this time.  Sardines will be grilled as well as fresh octopus. Can’t wait to see it all. 

It’s been a wonderful day and lots of beautiful sights. More to see and explore tomorrow. Until then ~
Bom Caminho ~

V & C

6 thoughts on “26 hours later – Porto Tuesday 21 June”

      1. Tried and true are always the best. Love the pictures and sounds as if everything is starting out good. Happy hiking, and continue the post and pictures so we can hike with you guys


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