Day 2 in Porto – Wednesday 22 June

Today started slowly for some of us but some are used to being in different times zones all the time. Once we were both in the same time zone and rolling along it was a great day. The weather here is a lot like San Fransisco San Diego. Sunny and breezy during the day and can get cool and breezy at night when the sun goes down. 

Everyone here is preparing for St. John’s Day on Thursday. Scaffolding for music speakers are being erected along the river in strategic places meaning in front of restaurants and the platforms are  being installed in the river for fireworks. All the cafe/bar keeps were buzzing about tomorrow night being a big night. We’ve been warned to stay on this side of the river and not be on the bridge after midnight because “well it is not good.”  After the boat cruise with a German football team of young 20 something year olds I can see why staying on this side of the river might be good. 

Lots of Port wine distilleries across the river with beautiful old buildings and surroundings 

The Se Cathedral was beautiful and we received our first stamps in our Pilgrim credentials. The artifacts and mosaics were beautiful. Some of the mosaics are outside and have stood the wear and tear of the weather for ages. It truly amazes me at how old the buildings and artifacts are here and what all they have withstood. Not to mention all the different nationalities that have possessed them. 

After the walk through the church we went to Sao Bento Train Station. Again the mosaics were prevalent over all the walls. Lots of people bustling about going to and from – I always wonder where they’re going or where have they been. Every structure around us is so incredibly old but well kept and beautiful. People running and jogging by and I wonder if they even give the architecture a second thought. 

We then strolled on down to the river for a gondola ride across the river and the obligatory 6 Bridge River Cruise. While on the gondola we met a sweet family from Galicia. They knew immediately of the Camino. Their English was good and our Spanish not so good. I have found that almost all Europeans speak at least 2 languages. And almost all Americas speak 1 language. 

Everyone we have met has been extremely nice and helpful. However we have not met the Riverdance Team staying above us. They must be a national traveling team of about 20 and they have to be incredibly talented as they practice until very early in the mornings. And the Men’s German  Footie team was friendly and well hydrated on the cruise boat. Maybe not hydrated with water but let’s just say the kegs were running low. 

We have 1 more day in this beautiful town before we start our Camino. 

Bom Caminho


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