Day 3 Porto Thursday June 23

The day started out with a heavy mist and overcast, which our neighbor the artist, said was normal for every Sao John’s Day. So this is good I guess. 

Our neighbors above us, The Riverdance team has moved on so we both had a good night’s sleep. Which is exactly what we’ll need to get through this evening.  It’s amazing how a small little street can transform in less than 12 hours. 

The bottom shows the shop keepers cleaning and readying their area for tonight. The top is all the smoke and haze from all the grills cooking sardines, peppers, garlic and chorizo. For whatever reason everyone eats sardines today. Large sardines. Also notice the women are working and the men scratching their heads and standing around. 

We went to a traditional older market this morning. It was probably only about 3 or 4 blocks square. It had most everything you’d think a farmers market would carry. Fruits,veggies, flowers, fresh homemade bread, fresh sausage and then all the other “stuff”. It was a wonderful mix of fruit, meat and flower smells. Everyone looking for the best deal. Oh. On that note. Spanish and Portuguese are not the same language. Not. Even. Close. 

A wonderfully sweet grandmotherly type was trying to communicate with me so I could purchase a few items. After sign language, Spanglish, English and pointing she gave up. Gave me a sweet smile, clasped her heart, patted my arm gave me change and with “Obrigado” sent me on my merry way. I think we were both happy with the outcome. 

Since I had purchased a few things and we needed to send ahead to Santiago none hiking clothes correios was next. Except we had to purchase 2 boxes instead of one. Vacationing in a backpack severely cuts down on what you can purchase. 

Yes that is a box the hubs is carrying. The first box. We had to buy another one for other “things”. As I said it’s tough to vacation in a backpack. So the post office comes in handy as does UPS. 

We had built up an appetite shopping, walking and mailing. You know when the line is out the door the food has to be good. So pork sandwiches it was for lunch. 

We went in search of yet another church the very nice man at the post office told us about. He will be walking the Caminho in September, “when it’s cooler.”  I didn’t know it was hot. But the church had closed for holiday. Interesting a church closed for a saint’s holiday . We’ll try tomorrow on our way out town.

The mosaics on the facades of the buildings are just amazing. The pictures don’t do them justice. And they are just about everywhere. From rundown apartment buildings to government buildings. 

We spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening sight seeing and walking Joe S. And it’s now 12:40 a m and it’s like New Years Eve and we’re a couple of blocks from Times Square. After a 15 minute fire work show from the bridge and river the music has returned to deafening levels and the well hydrated are still hydrating and singing. Interestingly the singing is all English but the conversations are all Portuguese. 

Red lanterns are still being lit and lighting the sky all around us. There has to be 100s of them. I’m not sure of the significance here of the lanterns but they make me think of my principal and her sweet family and the fun adventure they will be embarking upon soon. 

What a wonderful way to send us on our Caminho Portuguese!  

Bom Caminho –


A few of my favorite pics

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