Vila do Conde June 24 

Our real journey began today. Everything and everyone this morning was serene and very peaceful. That’s because they were all up until 4 a m celebrating St. John’s Day. I did find out the releasing of the red lanterns signifies purifying your heart and soul and releasing your sins. Lots of cleansed souls last night. 

But I digress back to this morning. Walking out of any big city is always difficult. So we thought we’d be smart and take the metro to the city limits and then start walking. Since this was suggested in several books and a forum I read we thought perfect. Well the locals may have been sleeping but the tourists were out in hordes. We had to stand in line for tickets, to get on the metro and the worse thing?  No cafes were open for coffee!  A fate so bad I cannot even  tell you. Finally found coffee in the metro station. We missed our stop to get off the train. The conductor/driver was nice enough to let us stay on and go back a stop. So off we go to start our walk. We have to cross a moving bridge or Mobil bridge. When we saw it we knew what they meant. It’s a draw bridge to let shipping boats and tugs go through. Oh. We had to climb the stairs to the top of the bridge because the elevator was broken. No worries we climbed up and over. 

Got to the round about and the hubs was so excited to be out of the big city and walking finally, he was always about a block in front of me all day.  However, he missed his first two way markers. But he had his trusty iPhone and was still moving right along. 

We turned this corner can could need the beach and waves crashing. We were excited and just the smell of the salt water spurred us on a little quicker. Once we got to “The Way” we got a stamp at the Pilgrim’s Info shop and started on “the boardwalk”. The waves were crashing so high due to the rocky shorelines it was mesmerizing. And the wind. Let me tell you about the wind. If you’re thinking of doing this during winter you better be wearing your long johns and rain poncho!  So many of my pictures are blurry because just as I snapped I would get blown sidewise by a gust of wind. I wore my long sleeve Columbia shirt all day – it was that cool. And down right chilly in the shade. 

I truly didn’t think there was anything worse than asphalt to walk on but I stand corrected. Boardwalk – wooden, fiberglass and metal are pretty bad. It’s hard on the feet and the legs. Very hard and unforgiving. Sore sore legs and feet tonight. 

As most of you know Kim and walk almost daily for over a year together before our Camino last summer. We knew each other’s nuances, gaits and pretty much what each other could or couldn’t do. 

The only time the hubs and I walk together is when I’m trying to keep up with him in an airport. I can’t so I don’t. That pretty much sums up today. He was always ahead of me. Sometime father than other times because I’d realize I couldn’t see him any more. It’s not like he’s doing it on purpose. You need to understand I stop about every 5 yards to take a picture. Or I would find myself just watching and looking. At everything. I dilly dally at times when I walk. I know people at work don’t believe me but when in a new environment so much to see and take in with all the people and surroundings. 

I was only reprimanded once during the day for lagging. Kudos to the hubs for patience. Back to the walk. It is not a stroll. It is level for he most part with some stairs. But by 5:00 of walking on it all day I was so done. Mr. Gadget informed me we still had at least 50 minutes of walking left. Um excuse me but the man at the snack bar said 6 km. That’s not 50 minutes. Evidently Mr. Gadget and man at snack bar were discussing different places. Taxi please!!!  But no they don’t come out there. So we’ll go to the metro. It’s only 30 minutes away!  Can I just tell you on the last hill I saw a caterpillar pass me and a turtle. The turtle was walking backwards and still passed me that’s how painfully slow I was walking. Of course Mr. Gadget/the hubs would wait for me and as soon as I caught up he was on his way again. 

We finally walked into Vila do Conde around 8:30. First place was full because guess what?  They’re celebrating St. John’s Day!  We got to our room at 9:55  we made curfew by 5 minutes. We had to eat before showering. I felt sorry for the people around us. 

It’s now 11:45 p m the wifi is weak and I can’t load any more pictures. I’ll post just pictures tomorrow. We’re being lulled to sleep by a wonderful marching band playing something very loudly not far away. 

Bom Caminho everyone 


4 thoughts on “Vila do Conde June 24 ”

    1. I think I’m responding to the wrong day imagine that sounds like you guys are just trekking away gadget man’s keeping up with you Cheri and that’s not easy to do. So much of what you say and your pictures are bringing back great memories keep on going


      1. You’re right it does bring back lots of memories. I don’t think I would walk this one again though. Too hot not enough shade and not enough cafes to stop at to rest.


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