Day 3 Porto cont….23 June

​​​Two of the fifteen minute firework display out our front door.  We were thrilled to be so close to the action until we realized the light show started at midnight and the party went on until 4:30am.  We were up at 9am to start our Camino.  Neither one of us have any idea how much sleep we got that night.  Our neighbors blared music full blast from a giant speaker well past 4:00 am.  

The videos loaded in the wrong order.  We realized after one hour on the coastal route we had experienced enough wind and sand.  We quickly changed our walk route and came up with a plan to move towards the central route much faster than anticipated.  The central route is where more pilgrims should be walking.

2 thoughts on “Day 3 Porto cont….23 June”

  1. The scenery of stunning! With the video I feel as I am walking with you but from the comfort of my chair. You continue to amaze me!!


    1. Vic gets credit for all videos. I was doing good to stay upright at times and I get a little side tracked with other things. But I will pass on the compliment to him.


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