Day 5 Arcos Saturday June 26

After the long walk yesterday the hubs planned a relatively short day today. About half of yesterday’s total give or take a few km.  The morning it was nice with a slight breeze and Alfredo, the manager from last night greeted us with a smile and directions to a cafe two doors down for coffee,  I mean breakfast. 

Mr. Gadget came through again taking us on a short cut back to the way. I was worried. I admit it because no arrows or way markers could be seen. But, you guessed it, within the hour I saw my first sweet yellow arrow of the day. 

This morning’s walk was pretty uneventful. It was through agricultural area with lots and lots of corn. And we were walking beside a pretty busy 2 lane. Ugh! Asphalt and cobblestones again. Right before lunch things got a little more interesting. The highway became a single lane with no shoulder. And traffic. I think some of the drivers think they’re on the autobahn. Several times I jumped into the drainage area as I felt the breeze of the cars speeding past.  Not what I had in mind for a stroll today. Still it was rolling hills and relatively flat. 

Did I mention the flowers here. I got a finger shaken at me yesterday for taking pictures of a lady’s house off the boardwalk. The entire roof of her potting shed, or whatever it was, was completely covered in succulents. All types, textures and colors. Calla lilies. Birds of paradise, roses are all huge and beautiful. Our walk today was a mixture of smells. Floral and manure. 

We ate lunch at the local corner market. Roasted chicken, salad = lettuce, tomatoes and onions, and french fries. No idea what the chicken was cooked in but oh so good. And it was half a chicken. Fall off the bone no knife needed. 5€. Nothing left but the bones. 

Right after was a beautiful old church. Do they have any other type church here but old? On the right side in the niche is St. James, the original pilgrim. 

Oh a side note something Mr. Gadget has been chuckling about something I said for a couple of days. Me: I have no service (Internet)   Mr. Gadget man: yes you do!  Cheri what are you looking at?  Me: NOS at the top of the screen. No Service  Mr. Gadget man:  really?  That’s what you’re looking at?  Not any other symbol?  Me: yes!  Why do you always get service. Mr. Gadget man:  that’s the name of the service provider. Turn on your wifi. Me:  oh. Yea. 

And the Adventure continues. 

Tonight we’re staying in a very small town/community at a vineyard. I knew Mr. Gadget man was tired of doing the sink/shower laundry thing but boy didn’t realize he’d splurge to this extent. And they do the laundry for you. It’s absolutely gorgeous and lush with green   vines everywhere.    The entire area has grape vines covering it and providing the shade. Lots of shade. And we’ll get out of here on the cheap side by American standards for sure. Did I mention they have a blow dryer in the room too?

We’ll be walking up the hill to a small bar for dinner so we can watch Euro Cup soccer. And purchase water for tomorrow morning. 

We have seen our first pilgrims last night late and today finally. This is not at all like the Camino Frances. Camino Portuguese is much more isolated for pilgrims. Lots of people just no pilgrims. But everyone we have had contact with has been very helpful and nice. And they all know we’re peregrinos walking to Santiago de Compostela. And I think they go out of their way to be helpful. 

Poor girl at the reception carried my pack to the room this afternoon. I felt badly for her. Not because of the weight – she said No it’s not bad I did scouting – but because of the sweat. She was so clean and smelled so nice. Maybe not so nice now.  

It’s been a good day for the home team as Gadgetman says.  The church bells say it’s 5:00 so time to close up and go watch some futbol. Portugal plays tonight. 

Lots of pictures for Austin and Kim tonight. 

Thank you all for your comments and support. 

As always ~ Bom Caminho 


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