Day 8 Rubiaes Tuesday June 28

The day started very “fresh”. It was much cooler with a breeze this morning. The walk out of the city was an easy out today. There were several bridges and sights to see along the way out.


The day was a steady climb up with lots of different vegetation. 

There were more Pilgrims today than before.  An Italian guy practically ran past us at one point. Gadgetman walked with him a short distance and found out he was walking with a German guy who walks very slow. Yikes!  Someone that walks slower than me!

At times I would think we would be close to the summit only to turn a corner and realize we were still going up. A lot of the path was in shade today but there were times we were walking in washed out gullies. With lots of rocks of all sizes. Sometimes too big to step from one to another. 

We peaked out at about 1200 feet I’m told by Gadgetman. Which really wasn’t too bad. Except for the part that was straight up. 

There is a place here -Cruz dos Franceses that is like Cruz de Fierro on the French Way. You leave a small rock or token of your problems or worries and God will take care of them. I said a small prayer – couldn’t say much more I was out of breath –  and left a bracelet given to me earlier this year. 

We’re staying at a small albergue the Dutch lady we met several days ago and another Danish couple.  He is celebrating his birthday today. 

Somehow the washer overheated with some of our clothes in it. We’re at dinner letting the hospitaleria to deal with it. I only wish to have dry socks in the morning. 

Short post tonight wifi isn’t good at albergue and the original post was lost. 

Bom Caminho to all with love 


2 thoughts on “Day 8 Rubiaes Tuesday June 28”

  1. Your pictures are just so amazing love reading about your journey every time I read a new day I’m wishing I was there y’all are doing fabulous it sounds like how many more days do you have keep on going


  2. Sounds like you are both working through the unplanned problems, and figuring out the solutions. Love all the pictures, they are coming through beautifully. All are amazing.


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