Day 10 Thursday 30 June Porrino

This morning was a slow morning out of the city. With overcast skies we spent close to 2 hours exploring the city, churches, cathedrals and all the little alleys. We also saved time for a coffee or two. It was almost 10:30 by the time we started out of the city and started the actual hike for the day.

We had dinner right outside the main cathedral (cathedral Santsa Maria) with the Danish couple last night. We just happened to bump into them while we were looking at the menu. They’re a very sweet couple that have been married for 32 years. They walked the CF together 2 years ago together and decided to walk the CP since their first walk went so well. Anna and Gunnar are a Danish version of our friends in Peachtree City. He is always ordering more wine and she telling him “I’m good thanks.” We had a great evening with them and will remember the evening with as a great one. I’m sure we’ll  bump into them again. Or at least I hope we do. 

We also crossed from Portugal into Spain yesterday so we are now at about 117 km to Santiago. 

The Cathedral de Santa Maria is believed to be the only remaining church left in Spain with medevil cloisters still in tact. 

Leaving the city was more asphalt that soon turned into a dirt path that was very nice and mostly shaded as the sun had returned for the day. There were several medevil foot bridges we crossed today on the Roman XIX Road we walked. One of which supposedly is named “The Fevers” bridge because San Telmo died there from a fever on his way home from Santiago in 1251. 

So the lovely shaded dirt path soon turned into a mostly unshaded asphalt path beside the roads again. Then we began shade hopping. You know, walking quickly from one shaded spot to another before resting. 

Gadgetman was a little put out today with the guide because 2 of the cafes were nonexistent since we passed their area and both of us were in need of changing socks and refreshment.  Please notice the colorful bandana Gadgetman has taken to wearing in the picture below. So glad I brought it. 
We walked through multiple little hamlets, I like that word better than communities, this afternoon. All with their own small churches and cruceieos. 

I want your attention please. Quickly!  I think this is the only time I have been in front of Gadgetman the whole trip. Someone please make note of it. I wasn’t always lagging behind taking pictures of everything under the sun. 

It was still mostly rolling hills with a few “bigger hills”thrown in  to keep you humble. 

We met a group of about 10 people from Kentucky. Their daughter was biking and would ride ahead to look at all the options. She would circle back around and then tell them the best route to take. She must be a saint and their was no best route today. 

The tunnel below is one the nuns would use to move about the city without going out into the city to mix with people. 

 So now we go in search for dinner. 

As always, hugs and kisses. You thought I was going to say  Buen Camino didn’t you?


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