Day 12 Pontevedra 2 July 2016

Wow what a day not sure where to start. Due to staying at the beach we had almost an hour uphill walk to get back to the way – or beaten path. Once there we started our morning ritual of a 2 hour uphill climb on asphalt. I’m telling you the asphalt is killing me. 

Just remembering all the parasailing and sounds of the music from the night before helped move us up the hill. Being from Texas everything looks like mountains. When you start looking at the next day’s elevation map before deciding where you’re staying for the night you know you’re starting to acclimate. 

THe morning was a mixture of asphalt, rocks, gravel and dirt path. My feet love those dirt paths let me tell you. Gadgetman has succumbed to a Camino toe as well but at least it’s just one toe. 

We have passed so many wonderful little Waterfalls I have to stop to take a picture each time. I love them. If I weren’t afraid of being left behind I’d probably stop to dip my toes in and cool my feet. 

You can tell your now in Galacia because we’re hearing the bagpipes more often. As we passed a music school today you could hear the lessons going on inside. It was beautiful and a little sad sounding at the same time. 

We’ve met an interesting mixture of people today too. A mom and son duo from Washington DC. Mom is Spanish and speaks the language as does her son, who is about 16. We chatted to him as he sprinted past us earlier in the day with mom in tow. 

A man with a group of about 7 or 8 boys from Vigo out for a day hike kept things interesting on and off for a couple of hours as we passed each other back and forth. Finally during a rest soccer/futbol came up. They all spoke great English and several asked about the Thunder because they follow American basketball. 

We’ve also been passing a Portuguese couple on and off for a couple of days. They only take day packs and have been doing the Camino together for short pieces at a time for almost a year. They must still be in the honeymoon phase as they walk holding hands. Gadgetman is so far in front of me that isn’t even a possibility. 

We bought boccadillas at a small cafe to eat between cafes since cafes were sparse today. So glad we did!  After lunch we met up with 3 ladies from Finland again. One of them is a teacher trainer and misidentified a frog as a duck. She was mortified when we said frog and said please let that stay on the Camino!  They’re all very nice and speak wonderful English. 

As we were waiting outside of one of the small landmark churches I saw the mother son duo go past us on the highway bypassing the optional route.  This time mom was steadily leading the way onward as her son was dragging up the rear. Slow and steady I have been saying in this trip will get you to the end. 

As a side note I need to add that Gadgetman left his adaptor several nights ago in our room. I know sad thing.  But I giggled a little too because he couldn’t believe when Kim or I left them last summer. And between the two of us we left about 4 or 5. But the way I look at it, we made someone else very happy when they discovered their treasure. 

The blister fairy visited during the day today and I’m very sad she decided to pay me another visit. 3 toes damaged and 2 of them are ridiculous. Sad news of the day. I purchased new insoles and Gadgetman got me more band aids. Gadgetman has been nursing the same toe for several days now and it’s at least not getting any worse. We’ll see how tomorrow goes – wish us well.  However the asphalt is eating our feet alive between the heat and the sweat. 

We’re going in search of a place to eat dinner now so until tomorrow mi amigos

Buen Camino~


2 thoughts on “Day 12 Pontevedra 2 July 2016”

  1. Ouch on the toes for both of you. Band-aids, mole skin something to protect them. You guys are over half way and enjoying the blog and trip with you.


  2. God I know blisters can be at game stop I hope you have Compeedyou keep them wrapped up,change your socks. Hang in there you’re almost done


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