Day 13 – Caldas de Ries 3 July 2016

No pictures last night due to weak wifi when we got back from dinner. I’ll post pictures I promise because I know that’s all some of you look at on the posts. 

At dinner we bumped into the mom squad at the same restaurant that we were eating. They are so much fun and the kids ranging in age from 11-15 are all polite and very mannerly. As we were walking by to find a table outside we heard someone yell “Hey!”, it was Danny and he said he had forgotten to ask our names. Cannot even imagine what their bill was the way those guys were chowing  down. 

Today was hotter than it has been so maybe the heat caught up with us. Even the Kentucky group thought it was hot. I was told 100 but who knows. 

Beautiful tranquil bridges today and this morning walking out of the city no one around so I could take lots of pictures. It was wonderfully beautiful. 

We spent a great deal of the morning walking through shaded tracks following the creeks from the river. There were so many waterfalls and shaded spots to sit it was mostly very peaceful until the bicyclists would come barreling through. They don’t use their bells much here which is even more frightening than being scared out of your mental conversations by a bicycle bell. 

Again lots of “rolling hills” today but not many cafes in the afternoon. And today was a sandal and sock kind of day for me to allow the toes a chance to breathe. They are better I think, but I’m not touching them so we’ll see how tomorrow goes. The only problem with walking in sandals is there is not as much sole on your shoe so your feet tire. But it’s all good. 

Gadgetman is still comparing guide to his gadgets and “making notes.”  Honestly, I’m more about what is around the next corner I need to see or at the top of the hill. So many cruceieos here and ranging in dates from the lates 1800’s  to one I saw yesterday was 1911. Lots of quaint small churches, but not too many are open which is a real shame.  But still so incredible and you wonder what all they have seen. 

We passed a way marker that said 45 km to Santiago. Today was another 25 km day and it was tough at the end. But in “2 sleeps” we’ll in in Santiago. That’s exciting for sure. At least I know my feet will be able to rest then. If I can get shoes on my feet that is. 

Dinner was awesome, octopus, chorizo, and simple salad. Saw the mom squad and crew just coming into town as we made our way back to our room. They were totally worn out and it was 9:30 – no shower and no dinner yet for them. 

I had forgotten now late it it stays light outside here. It’s really hard to sleep when it’s 11:00 and still bright out. 

Windows wide open listening to the music from the river with feet propped up in bed. 

For tonight peregrinos – Buen Camino

V & C

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