Day 14 Padron 4 July 

Happy 4th of July everyone!!  

Again our morning started out cool with a breeze. That’s always such a tease as it heats up quickly during the day. 

Our walk led us across the bridge – where an old mill used to ground corn and we had tapas last night, past a palm tree covered square and a church. 

They were setting up a market on the very narrow streets. There was a lady sitting next to a spring filling water bottles and selling the. 

And just like that we were out of town and on our way up again. We soon passed another church – the Santa Marina and it was locked. I walked around trying to find a window or something open so I could take a picture. But I couldn’t find anything. We bumped into the Kentucky group here again. 

We wound our way through some vineyards alternating between asphalt and gravel path. It heated  up quickly today and there wasn’t much to keep my mind preoccupied with what was next. And I could feel the heat in my feet, such a pain and distraction!

As we left a small hamlet and started back through fields a very short older Spanish lady stopped us to talk and cheer us on!  She was speaking so quickly and mixing her Spanish and Galacian I was only getting about every 4 or 5 word.  She was happy for us and we only had 10 more km to Padron. That’s as the crow flies. Gadgetman had already told me the km left so I knew better. Still I wish I had gotten a picture with her. She had been tending her garden in her mud boots and apron. 

Wifi is getting slow so we will have to post our sight seeing pics tomorrow in Santiago and the rest of today’s pics as well. 

Gadgetman is learning what the Camino shuffle means now. After sitting for coffee, beer or dinner when you first stand up every muscle is your body has tightened up and it takes a few minutes before they all start working in unison again. 

Until tomorrow mi amigos Buen Camino

V &C

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