Pictures that didn’t post for Day 12 & 13

This was outside Cesantes at the top of a hill. Just before the steep climb a woman had been selling the shells  from the beach for €1 each. Each shell  has been written on with a message quote or person’s name. 

Again this is out of Ceaantes with the ocean in the background. And once again we are heading up. Seems to be a theme. 
This is an occasion – I need that vehicle if it has AC. My feet are cooking on the pavement. The 2nd picture and the next are in the front of a house and it looks like a diorama of a pilgrimage. Very clever. 
The top wooden pilgrim was on top of a family’s gate at their house. Love the shell and walking staff. 
The next picture is of a hierro – they hold the corn, flax or whatever crop off the ground to dry. Sometimes they are very elborate and look like playhouses other times they are very rudimentary. 

The last picture above is a little metal guy telling us to stop we’re going the wrong way. I love how the Camino over here is a community affair to look after and help every peregrino. 

We made it to Pontevedra to be rewarded with this beautiful church. The Santuario da Peregrina is an 18th century church where the floor plan is not a cross but a scallop shell. That’s why it looks round from the outside. 

We had the streets to ourselves this morning when we left Pontevedra with the exception of a few birds and some fish. Please notice the scallop shells on the bridge!

Another thing I like besides bridges and sculptures is graffiti art. 

As we were going into Caldes de Reis – hot water/river we passed lots of little waterfalls. But don’t let it fool you. The biggest part of to day was in the sun. 
All of these pictures are outside a small church. The little guy sitting there made me think of the pope for some reason. 

I thought the sign with the train was funny. We were coming up on train tracks we had to cross and it was a warning. 

We have been following the XIX Roman Road on and off since we started. These granite markers show the way when there are intesections or multiple paths to take. 

The very small church of Santa Maria was built in 1285. I took the pictures of inside the church through the bars in the door. Closed for siesta. 

We spent an entire afternoon walking through a family’s vineyard. I’m so thankful they allowed the path to go through their property so we didn’t have to walk beside the highway. 

Th Galicians are a very proud people that consider themselves Galician first and then Spanish. Like the Basque they would like to become their own state in Spain.  

That pretty much gets us up to tonight. I’ll post a separate post for today since the wifi seems to be holding up. 

Thanks for following along on our journey. 

Peace, love & Buen Camino


One thought on “Pictures that didn’t post for Day 12 & 13”

  1. I think I’ve said it in every post that wow your pictures are amazing and it sounds like such a wonderful trip that you have had. Another Camino under your belt what a huge accomplishment . Enjoy the rest of your trip can’t wait to see y’all


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