Day 14 Evening sights 4 July Padron

Oh my gosh the churches here are truly exquisite. Found another one open this afternoon and the docent could not have been nicer. Delightful actually. I want that job when I grow up. 

Igrexa de Santiago – dates back to the 18th century. 

St James the Moor slayer

Under the main altar is the Stone of Padron which the town is named after.  The partition was pulled back and the lights were on making everything visible. It was like walking through a museum. Every piece was so well documented in several languages. To see in a pew in awe of not only the magnificent art pieces but th beauty of th church, what it has withstood and what it has been through is humbling and mind blowing. 

We finished looking at the churches I “had” to see and immediately headed for the tree shaded paseo by the river. 

The scallop she’ll planters were all around town with a variety of different types of flowers in them. 
Franciscan monks supposedly brought back the seeds from Padron pepper plants from their missionary work in Central America. The seeds liked the soil and climate here and grew in abundance. While having our tapas of peppers I decided to take a look at a hot spot and found another blister on another toe.  At this point Gadgetman told me “your feet are a wreck”. He went to the pharmacy once again to get band aids while the little lady and her grain kept me company.  I wish I had gotten a picture of our dinner – which was menu of the day. It was so good – roasted chicken salad and roasted potatoes. Gadgetman noted for salmon. I opted for chicken because the chocolate cake looked incredible. 

As I get my feet ready for the long day tomorrow – about 25 km – I will hopefully be writing this from Santiago tomorrow night. 

Feet are better than they look and will carry me one more day I am sure. Interestingly everyone we see is suffering from the same. It’s just the daily wear and tear on your feet along with the fatigue. Add to that sleeping in unfamiliar surroundings every night and the body starts to wear. 

The mother son duo from DC in staying in our same place. She passed us at dinner in search of a pharmacy. We gave her directions and hoped she found it. Her poor feet are covered in blisters. Her son said his feet are fine he’s just tired and ready to be in Santiago so he can wear clean clothes and sleep in the same place for more than 1 night. I think that pretty much sums up everyone’s thoughts at this point.  

From Padron Galacia Spain

Buen Camino y’all – be nice to each other

V & C

One thought on “Day 14 Evening sights 4 July Padron”

  1. Cheri your pictures are so beautiful and you are definitely tech savvy I’m sure I still would’ve been challenged I know your feet are ready to be done it’s been great walking with you guys through your posts. I felt like I was walking right along with y’all enjoy Santiago can’t wait to see y’all


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